Opportunity 03/20/2012

  • Opportunity. It is everywhere and for everyone. It is like the air we consume in our lungs. Ordinary people get the opportunity to do extraordianary things, beautiful things, Simple things. Some have the opportunity to win oscars and golden globes, to aid in the solution for the eradication of poverty, to create and to discover. Yes this is opportunity. Do you see its beauty? It is dynamic and grand, obvious and opaque. It changes lives. It allows people to grow. It is a dream maker. It makes history. What if Alexander hadn't had the opportunity to be great. Imagine if Maya Angelou never had the opportunity to read or write. If you are fortunate in any way, shape or form, just think of how life would be if you did not have this. I don't think there is such a thing as negative opportunity. There is nothing opportune about negativity. This thing, this word, emotion, experience, this uplifting divine creation is infinite. 


    By ~ James Takyi