Social Media and Students



    It is hard to decide whether social media has been more of a benefited to students or not. Recent studies show that social media has a lot of impact on the behavior and thinking of children. Yet, the media also has tremendous benefits and advantages to education. Instead of using students meet in chat rooms and on the internet to discuss assignments and exchange ideas.


    A student in college only remits he or she work withthe college’s database instead of printing paper. This makes work easier for students and professors as well. Students can also keep contact with their parents and friends at home so that they do not feel homesick. On the other hand, the students have also picked up bad behaviors from social media. Social media has affected the young people’s emotional well-being and psychological condition. As a result, the student’slives are changed. The excessive exposure to indecencies like dirty, texting and naked pictures on the internet have influenced the behavior of students. They waste a lot of time looking at such things on the web compared to studying or researching. However, the world is at crossroads on what to make of social media.