James Takyi's Album: Vigeland Sculptures Frogner Park Norway

The Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement is a permanent, open exhibition of the works of the brilliant Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, located within an 80 acres area inside the Frogner Park in the borough of Frogner in Oslo, Norway. When the City of Oslo was forced to demolish the house of the celebrated artist, Vigeland was granted a new building from the city where he could work and live. In exchange, he promised to donate to the city all his subsequent works, including sculptures, drawings, engravings and models. Vigeland sculpted hundreds of men, women, and children portrayed in various stages of life - adults, adolescents, toddlers and infants, and even fetuses. The dominant motifs of his sculptures is the relationships between man and woman, adults and children, and the various stages of the “human condition”. Most of the statues depict people engaging in various typically human pursuits, such as running, wrestling, dancing, hugging, holding hands and so on. However, Vigeland occasionally included some statues that are more abstract, including one statue, which shows an adult male, fighting off a horde of babies.